Monday, August 22, 2011


As salam everybody. Today is the 22nd of Ramadhan and I would like to share some useful info about egg whites.

 Did you know that egg whites is a miracle healer for burn? It's true because its actually a placenta full of vitamin as well as special collagen that help skin to recover from burns. Plus its easy & practical for first aid!

Keep in mind that this treatment of burns is included in teaching beginner for fireman. First aid consists to runs cold water on the burns area until the heat is reduced. This is to stop the heat from burning the layer of skin. Then, Separates 2 egg white from its yolks. Beat them slightly & spread them on the affected area. The whites then dried & form a protective layer. When it dried, continue to spread another layer of egg whites. After it gets dry again, continue at least 1 hour to apply layer upon layer of beaten egg whites. You will feel no pain as the natural collagen helps regenerate new skin.

 So, if you accidentally pour yourself a hot steamy water or hot oil or even exposed to hot iron which will cause skin burn..., get yourself egg whites to heal the affected area.


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