Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi! Everybody. This is the 1st time I'm writing my blog in English. Well just want to test myself, how far I could go.
Anyway, have you seen Kejora & Bintang? It an Indonesian drama which is aired everyday at 6.30 pm on Astro Ria. Well, it's about two sibling who lost their parents and cought into two different life after been separated by their evil stepmother & stepsister. On their way finding each other, they met few people and become so attached to them. They also found out that their father was not really dead. Many terrible things done by their evil stepmother & stepsister to keep them separated. Uh!!

Did you know, this drama has another version from Korea. It's called Brilliant Legacy on channel Animax. The storylines of both dramas are almost the same. But been alter slighty according to local custom or interest. Just imagine, when I watch Brilliant Legacy, I really can tell what will happen next. Its like being a story teller. Hehehehe.

I've came across into this same situation last year while I was watching Benci Bilang Cinta star by Baim Wong and Marshanda. Eventually.., it has another Korean version too called Princess Hour on channel Animax. What's more..., both version shows simultaneously in two different channel and time frame. That is why I could catch  both version and done my analysis. Fuh!

Personally.., between the two version, I like the Korean one. Its least of hatred, stupidity, desire to harm others or teasing dan much more suitable to watch.


Hanis MY said...

akakkk terima kasih atas doa dan dorongan...hargainya sgt2...hanya Allah yg mampu membalasnya...akak take care k..rindu akak sorry lama tak jenguk sini...bila dah stabil sikit hanis jenguk selalu k

Hidayati said...

Hanis.., akak pon rindu ngan Hanis. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segalanya.

hazari. said...

"goong" is the best, i guess. haha.

Hidayati said...

I like Qi Goong too. She's sweet, loving and lovely.

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