Sunday, April 3, 2011


I just woke up from my nap. Well I felt so tired, therefore I'm taking my nap at about 7 pm ealier right after finished cooking dinner. I skip my dinner as I was not really hungry. Ahhh.., felling a bit slimmer right now. Hahahaha.

Anyway, during my nap, I dreamt about an unknown man taking my girls away. I was really scared and screaming out for the girls. But, funny as nobody heard me. I Kept screaming for help and yet nobody seems listen to me. Oh my God.., the man faded away together with my girls and I wasn't able to make a run for them. I'm stuck. Not sure why. I cried and cried until I felt somebody shaking me like crazy. As I opened my eyes I saw my husband's puzzle face.

Oh God.., I'm having a nighmare. Such an awful nighmare. I was so scared until I'm sweating all over. My husband reminds me to wash my feet before going to sleep. I was exhale for relieve and began to check all exits and windows to make sure that everything is secure.

Now a days, kipnaping cases are really disturbing. Almost all cases are remain mistery specially when it involves missing children. Some of the victims are found dead because they been tortures and sexually abuse. This is really scared me. I couldn't imagine..., argh.... its too scary to be imagine it.

Lets just pray and hope that none of these incidents ever happened to my family. To all children out there...,


hazari. said...

that is such a total nightmare. my parents always tell me to recite a few surah in al-Quran and have zikir while we're laying on the bed, waiting to sleep. doing these kind of things really something work to rid off some satans, or devils while we're sleeping.

and.. nightmare really is something that comes from them.

Hidayati said...

Hazari.., you're absolutely 100% right! Beside washing our feet before bed, we should recite some surah such as Ayatul Qursi. Good point there. Thanks.

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