Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday I went to Specialist Clinic at Hospital Tawau doing my pap smear review. I'm so glad and thankful as the result shows normal.

Month ago, I was warded due to prolong menses. It was the most critical moment of my life. I was scared cause I was bleeding throughout the month until my red blood cell drop making me lurch or swaying each time I made a suddent move. Many bad things crossed my mind that time. I got pretty scared imagining myself having cervix cancer.

After a 3-night-stay at the hospital and taking medicines finally my menses desist. The doctor asked for my permission to perform a pap smear procedure on me. I agreed as I need to seek for an answer on what's really going on with myself. The scan session really don't show anything odd inside my womb so the doctors assumed that I have problem with my hormone. Yet they could not confirm it until the pap smear have been done.

As the result come out normal, the doctor advise me to carry on with my medicines to prevent such overflow and prolong menses.

Women out there..., please do not hesitate take your pap smear test. Its a screening test used in gynecology to detact premalignant and malignant (cancerous) proceses in the ectocervix. It's the best way to detact any cancerous cells before it gets worst. Any significant changes can be treated thus preventing cervical cancer.

It's an internal procedure and involves minor discomfort. Don't be afraid. Remember.., we are too valuable to our children and beloved husband. Save yourself first if you want to save them. Act today.


Azwa Azee said...

alhamdulillah akak xde pape..masa akak masuk hspital b4 ni because of this ke?

Hidayati said...

azwa.., ye dek. Alhamdulillah tak de apa2.

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