Friday, April 8, 2011


Next week, my son will be facing his first test ever since he's in Year 1. It's call Ujian Saringan Tahap 1. I'm so worry about him as he is so cool about it. I keep asking him wether he is afraid or worry or something about the coming test. He just say to me..., "don't worry mommy, I'll be fine".

So, I gave him a simple test. I know he is good in Maths. He can even do the multiplication in his head. Not to mention the adding and subtraction. He just too good for his age. He always counting whatever numbers he saw or heard. But in English.., I can see he's struggling here and there. It's not that he's not good at it but need to be polish a bit.

Well, here some of the test I gave him. It's kinda funny but I know.., he's learning. I asked him to translate a few words. Here it is:-
1. Football - he said bola sepak
2. Newspaper - he said surat khabar.
3. Igloo - he said rumah orang di kutub utara. Kutub utara ada polar bear dan tak ada pokok. Sebab itu guna ais untuk buat rumah. (ngeee... what an answer)
4. Jack fruit - he said buah si Jack. Then Isaid.., which Jack? He said..., Jack & Pokok Ajaib. Hehehe.., Nangka la... later I told him.
5. Bee hive - he said sarang tebuan.
6. Rose apple - he looked puzzle. Emmm...., bunga ros yang ader epal? I just blew my laugh! He laugh too. Then he said.., why are we laughing mommy? Isn't it the right answer? I told him.., it's jambu air. He looked more puzzle than before. Shouldn't it call "water guava" or maybe "pink guava"? Later I said.., no dear.., it's called "rose apple"
7. Pineapple - he quickly answer..., nanas.
8. Sweets - Emmmm..., sweet means manis. Kalau tambah "s" maksudnya..., gula-gula. Betul tak mommy? I nod and clap my hands. He gave me one big smile.

I asked him 13 more words and he did pretty good. It's just..., he likes to joke around when answering questions. Hehehehe. He still got a lot to learn and I'm gonna be there for him.


hazari. said...

haha, i also dunno that 'jackfruit' is 'buah nangka' and 'rose apple' is 'jambu air'. i'll also answer the exact same thing as he is, 'buah rose yang ada epal'. hahaha.

Hidayati said...

Hazari.., hahahaha... funny isn't it. Sometimes it just right in front of our eyes yet we dunno what to call it.

Arpiiz said...

it must be really funny at that time..^^

Hidayati said...

Arpiiz.., yeah..

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