Saturday, April 9, 2011


We do mostly keep thinking of  what we don't have or what we need to have. And when finally its in our hands, we just waste it. Try to reach to those who deserve to share your blessings and to remind ourselves to be thankful on our ease and contentment lifestyles.

Check this out. Hopefully it would be our eyes opener to be grateful on what we have achives.

They are not  aware about the advanced world. 
Sitting on the grass mat, living an  isolated life….

All day he has to pick  garbage for his survival…..

Care  for child  safetyduring  play!!! 

No home to protect them from the the sun and the rain….

All that belongs to me is  my body. 
Can’t afford a pair of  shoes…. 

Although milk is good for children’s health, but….

Study, play and work all in one…..

Sometimes we keep unsatisfied with our bedroom set.
See how do the orphans sleep.... 

How do you see his  future….. 

Living on the garbage  pile…. 

Do you see hope in these  eyes!!!! 

Looking for  food…

Not happy with your 2  Bedroom Apartment??? 
This is their home, their world, their universe…. 

Where is my  lunch??

Don’t  waste water, some people desperately need  it… !

So what do you think about yourself ? 
We could have been in one of these pictures  isn't it. Of course we don't even wish to view so. 
It is the pure mercy of God we are in a status of  reading this message. Therefore, treasure our life and always be thankful of what we already have.

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MAPPIAU said...

ya allah sesungguhnye saye sangat bersyukur dengan ape yang allah kurniakan pada saye

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