Monday, May 2, 2011


I woke up really late today. I could say...., sleeping bundle. These few days really tiring. But I manage to settle every things on time. Thank God.

My dear husband working overtimed at the port. He haven't came home yet since last night.... leaving me alone with my 5 kids. He's a 24-hour-on-call officer for anchored vessel. I've packed him a shirt, a thick jacket as he can't stand of cold sea breeze and also a thermos flask of coffee to keep him warm. He such a hardworking man and a very loving person. He always hugs and kisses his kids before going to work. When ever he came home late at night, he will check on them one by one to make sure they're alright.

Today, the whole country is having a public holiday celebrating labours whose generate different kind of productions, services and so call for the sake of country's developement as well as improving our living standard. But still not everybody got a chance to rest on this very special day. Some of us still have to work as usual like the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They always be there whenever we need them the most.

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